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The PHP snippets that you will find on this website are all freely available for you to use on your own website. They are in general too short to be used by themselves and at best only subroutines in a larger webpage.

User contributed pages are the copyright of the respective contributors.

As well as many general scripts many of the scripts could be used in affiliate marketing.

What is PHP

PHP is a "recursive acronym" which stands for PHP Hypertext Protocol. It is used in conjunction with HTML or XHTML to create dynamic web pages

For instance you can use PHP to tell you that today is 16/07/2018 or in American 07/16/2018 and it is a Monday in the month of July. It can also print data taken from a database.

Why People Use PHP

Here are a few reasons why PHP is more popular than other scripting languages.

In general Linux/Apache servers with PHP are much cheaper than Windows(ASP), Java, Plesk or Coldusion(CFM) servers however it pays to shop around as the cheapest Windows servers may cost less than a more expensive Linux server.

Ease of use
If you have no previous knowledge of any programing language it is impossible to say which one is easier to use. But there are many more books and tutorials available for teaching yourself PHP also the PHP Manual is easily accessible.

Available Scripts
Because of the "Open Source" nature of PHP there are many fully functional website scripts freely available from places like Sourceforge. Many Linux/PHP servers also offer "fantastico", a collection of PHP scripts with many of the more popular Content Management Systems, Blogs and Forums ready for immediate installation.